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About ACT Classroom

Founded in 2020 by two of the nation’s leading test prep experts, ACT Classroom was created to meet an expanding need - helping students gain admission to better colleges and earn more scholarships in the process.  Traditional test prep options are often neither available nor affordable to many students, and self-paced workbooks only go so far.  The founders knew a better solution was needed to help more students, and ACT Classroom was born.

There is nothing more educationally powerful than the relationship between a teacher and a student.  Instead of replacing the teacher with a tutor or a workbook that is unfamiliar to the student, ACT Classroom is an affordable alternative that empowers the teacher with training and tools to integrate test prep material into the curriculum. Students are able to acquire the skills over time that are necessary for success on the ACT.

Greater success on the ACT means students have more and better choices on which colleges to attend, as well as increased access to competitive scholarships. ACT Classroom is an investment in your students that will pay dividends for a lifetime.

About ACT Classroom: About Us
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