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Why ACT Classroom?

There’s no greater source of pride for a school than helping students gain admission to top-tier colleges and universities.  But, far too often, preparing students for success in college admissions and competing for scholarships takes a back seat to state mandates and federal accountability requirements.  Additionally, preparing a student for a standardized test like the ACT is a skill that most teachers simply haven’t been trained for.  It is not uncommon for teachers to make the mistake of thinking that strong content knowledge and taking a few free practice tests will prepare students for success on this high-stakes exam. 

That’s why we developed ACT Classroom, a unique program that trains teachers and integrates test prep into their existing curriculum.  Instead of typical “one-and-done” training, this consistent and thoughtful approach to delivering material and strategy makes it stick.  ACT Classroom builds upon teachers’ content knowledge and helps them incorporate test-taking skills into daily lessons.  These skills will enable students to understand the structure of the test and its questions, develop strategies to overcome fear of implicit bias and, most importantly, be relaxed and ready on test day.  Test-takers are better prepared for better results.  

 ACT Classroom is about relationships. Just as we know the importance of genuine and authentic relationships that your teachers have with their students, we know that lasting success comes through strong partnerships between your school and our team. When working with ACT Classroom you will get more than a one-off, one-time training. You will get a partner who will equip high school teachers throughout your school with the skills and resources needed to build test-taking skills into daily lessons. Consistent school-wide training helps students achieve consistent results. Through our custom training programs, we will be with your school every step of the way to implement our system, provide ongoing coaching, and develop your teachers’ capacity to not only increase ACT scores, but to instill valuable problem-solving skills.

Why ACT Classroom?: Academics
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